In 2011 president Barack Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP) in order to strengthen the manufacturing sector in the United States. Since then, various initiatives were proposed to bring the industry, the government and academic institutions together. The importance of creating partnerships between those three parties has been emphasized rather often over the past few years. Moreover, several funds have been announced that should improve manufacturing technologies. And now the U.S. are building on AMP’s success, as Obama has recently announced yet another investment to strengthen domestic advanced manufacturing. Millions of dollars will be invested of three stages of the manufacturing industry: apprentice programs,  new technologies and assistance for small manufacturers to improve the business climate.

Three crucial technologies
The investment – a noteworthy amount of $300 – should help improve three technologies crucial to the industrial competitiveness of the States: digital manufacturing, bio-based materials and advanced manufacturing sensors. The idea behind improving those technologies is that the U.S. – by doing so – no longer have to rely on foreign suppliers to obtain materials that are critical to advanced manufacturing.

Centers of excellence
Moreover, one or two so-called “centers of excellence” will be established by the National Science Foundation to bring the industry and universities in the U.S. together. The purpose of those collaborations in such centers will be to conduct research on digital manufacturing and advanced sensors.

Pittsburg Post-Gazette 
The Daily Caller